Love Rugby League LogoRochdale Hornets 16 Love Rugby League LogoSheffield Eagles 52

Match status: Full Time

Competition: Championship

Attendance: 569

Line Ups
Rochdale Hornets Sheffield Eagles
TRY Carl Forster413 min0
GOAL Dan Abram614 min0
614 min4TRY Ben Hellewell
629 min6GOAL Pat Walker
629 min10TRY James Glover
635 min14TRY Ben Blackmore
636 min16GOAL Pat Walker
638 min20TRY Pat Walker
639 min22GOAL Pat Walker
658 min26TRY Ben Blackmore
659 min28GOAL Pat Walker
660 min32TRY Ben Hellewell
661 min34GOAL Pat Walker
664 min38TRY James Glover
665 min40GOAL Pat Walker
TRY Brandon Wood1070 min40
GOAL Dan Abram1270 min40
1273 min42GOAL Pat Walker
1273 min46TRY Pat Moran
1274 min50TRY Sonny Esslemont
1275 min52GOAL Pat Walker
TRY Ben Moores1679 min52
Carl ForsterMan of the matchAaron Brown

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