Love Rugby League LogoBarrow Raiders 22 Love Rugby League LogoSheffield Eagles 24

Match status: Full Time

Competition: Championship

Attendance: 1514

Line Ups
Barrow Raiders Sheffield Eagles
TRY Wartovo Puara410 min0
GOAL Jamie Dallimore610 min0
623 min2GOAL Pat Walker
623 min6TRY Joel Farrell
639 min10TRY Ryan Millar
TRY Stargroth Amean 1041 min10
GOAL Jamie Dallimore1247 min10
TRY Stargroth Amean 1647 min10
1651 min14TRY Anthony Thackeray
1651 min16GOAL Pat Walker
1663 min20TRY Ryan Millar
1663 min22GOAL Pat Walker
TRY Josh Johnson2072 min22
GOAL Jamie Dallimore2272 min22
2280 min24GOAL Pat Walker
Wartovo PuaraMan of the matchPat Walker

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