Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 6 Love Rugby League LogoKeighley Cougars 112

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 218

Line Ups
West Wales Raiders RL Keighley Cougars
04 min4TRY Andy Gabriel
04 min6GOAL Ben Hardcastle
06 min8GOAL Ben Hardcastle
08 min12TRY Cameron Leeming
010 min14GOAL Ben Hardcastle
010 min18TRY Dan Parker
013 min20GOAL Ben Hardcastle
013 min24TRY Emmerson Whittel
016 min26GOAL Ben Hardcastle
016 min30TRY Richard Hawkyard
019 min34TRY Jose Kenga
019 min36GOAL Ben Hardcastle
022 min38GOAL Ben Hardcastle
022 min42TRY James Feather
024 min46TRY Cameron Leeming
TRY Alan Pope431 min46
GOAL Harrison Elliott631 min46
632 min48GOAL Ben Hardcastle
637 min50GOAL Ben Hardcastle
637 min54TRY Andy Gabriel
640 min58TRY Dan Parker
642 min62TRY Alfie Seeley
642 min64GOAL Ben Hardcastle
SENT OFF Craig Lewis647 min64
652 min68TRY Richard Hawkyard
652 min70GOAL Ben Hardcastle
655 min72GOAL Ben Hardcastle
655 min76TRY Billy Gaylor
658 min80TRY Ben Hardcastle
658 min82GOAL Ben Hardcastle
661 min86TRY Chris Cullimore
661 min88GOAL Ben Hardcastle
664 min92TRY Alfie Seeley
SIN BIN Dalton Desmond-Walker672 min92
672 min92SIN BIN Ben Hardcastle
673 min96TRY Andy Gabriel
675 min100TRY Alfie Seeley
678 min104TRY Cameron Leeming
678 min106GOAL Billy Gaylor
680 min110TRY Richard Hawkyard
680 min112GOAL Billy Gaylor
Harrison ElliottMan of the matchAlfie Seeley

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