Love Rugby League LogoGold Coast Titans 26 Love Rugby League LogoNorth QLD Cowboys 30

Match status: Full Time

Competition: NRL

Venue: Tevita LeoLatu

Attendance: 26681

Line Ups
Gold Coast Titans North QLD Cowboys
TRY Alexander Brimson46 min0
GOAL Ashley Taylor68 min0
TRY Kane Elgey1014 min0
GOAL Ashley Taylor1216 min0
1234 min4TRY Shaun Fensom
1235 min6GOAL Johnathan Thurston
TRY Mitch Rein1637 min6
GOAL Ashley Taylor1839 min6
1843 min10TRY Ben Hampton
1844 min12GOAL Johnathan Thurston
GOAL Ashley Taylor2046 min12
2055 min16TRY Ben Hampton
2056 min18GOAL Johnathan Thurston
2069 min22TRY Gavin Cooper
2071 min24GOAL Johnathan Thurston
2073 min28TRY Gideon Gela-Mosby
2074 min30GOAL Johnathan Thurston
GOAL Ashley Taylor2279 min30
TRY Brenko Lee2679 min30
Mitch ReinMan of the matchJohnathan Thurston

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