Love Rugby League LogoNorth Wales Crusaders 22 Love Rugby League LogoWorkington Town 36

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 340

Line Ups
North Wales Crusaders Workington Town
GOAL Tom Johnson25 min0
TRY Earl Hurst65 min0
611 min4TRY Sam Forrester
611 min6GOAL Carl Forber
TRY Alex Trumper1016 min6
GOAL Brad Walker 1216 min6
1224 min10TRY Oliver Wilkes
1224 min12GOAL Carl Forber
1235 min16TRY Ben Morris
1235 min18GOAL Carl Forber
GOAL Tom Johnson1439 min18
GOAL Tom Johnson1643 min18
TRY Dale Bloomfield2052 min18
GOAL Tom Johnson2252 min18
2254 min22TRY Sean Penkywicz
2254 min24GOAL Carl Forber
2263 min28TRY Sean Penkywicz
2263 min30GOAL Carl Forber
2266 min34TRY Tom Curwen
2266 min36GOAL Carl Forber
Alex TrumperMan of the matchSean Penkywicz

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