Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 20 Love Rugby League LogoNewcastle Thunder 82

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 272

Line Ups
West Wales Raiders RL Newcastle Thunder
TRY Sam Baker47 min0
TRY Steve Parry811 min0
GOAL Luke Williams1011 min0
1016 min2GOAL Remy Marginet
1016 min6TRY Rhys Clarke
1022 min10TRY Niall Sidney
1022 min12GOAL Remy Marginet
1025 min16TRY Connor Fitzsimons
1030 min18GOAL Remy Marginet
1030 min22TRY Lewis Young
1034 min24GOAL Remy Marginet
1034 min28TRY Ben Calland
1037 min30GOAL Remy Marginet
1037 min34TRY Frazer Morris
1040 min38TRY Lewis Young
1043 min42TRY Lewis Young
1046 min46TRY Liam McAvoy
1048 min50TRY Theerapol Ritson
1048 min52GOAL Adam Brook
TRY Harrison Elliott1453 min52
GOAL Luke Williams1653 min52
1658 min54GOAL Adam Brook
1658 min58TRY Rhys Clarke
1665 min60GOAL Adam Brook
1665 min64TRY Connor Fitzsimons
TRY Brad Kislingbury2069 min64
2072 min66GOAL Adam Brook
2072 min70TRY Adam Brook
2076 min74TRY Niall Sidney
2076 min76GOAL Adam Brook
2080 min80TRY Remy Marginet
2080 min82GOAL Adam Brook
Steve ParryMan of the matchLewis Young

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