Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 0 Love Rugby League LogoOldham RLFC 74

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 424

Line Ups
West Wales Raiders RL Oldham RLFC
04 min4TRY Dave Eccleston
07 min6GOAL David Hewitt
07 min10TRY Zack McComb
012 min12GOAL David Hewitt
012 min16TRY Kenny Hughes
022 min20TRY Danny Bridge
026 min22GOAL David Hewitt
026 min26TRY Matt Reid
030 min26SIN BIN Danny Bridge
034 min30TRY Ben West
034 min32GOAL David Hewitt
037 min34GOAL David Hewitt
037 min38TRY Matty Wilkinson
042 min42TRY Danny Rasool
048 min46TRY David Hewitt
048 min48GOAL Kyran Johnson
053 min52TRY Zack McComb
058 min54GOAL Kyran Johnson
058 min58TRY David Hewitt
063 min60GOAL Kyran Johnson
063 min64TRY Zack McComb
SIN BIN Morgan Evans070 min64
073 min68TRY Phil Joy
073 min70GOAL Kyran Johnson
078 min74TRY Matt Reid
Connor Parker Man of the matchDavid Hewitt

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