Love Rugby League LogoWorkington Town 6 Love Rugby League LogoWhitehaven RLFC 56

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1


Attendance: 927

Referee: Jack Smith

Line Ups
Workington Town Whitehaven RLFC
TRY Gordon Maudling420 min0
GOAL Carl Forber620 min0
626 min4TRY Jordan Burns
626 min6GOAL Paul Crook
632 min8GOAL Paul Crook
632 min12TRY Jessie Joe-Parker
641 min16TRY Paul Crook
645 min20TRY Paul Crook
645 min22GOAL Paul Crook
647 min24GOAL Paul Crook
647 min28TRY Paul Crook
656 min32TRY Paul Crook
656 min34GOAL Paul Crook
660 min36GOAL Paul Crook
660 min40TRY Glenn Riley
673 min44TRY Craig Calvert
673 min46GOAL Paul Crook
676 min50TRY Paul Crook
679 min54TRY Dion Aiye
679 min56GOAL Paul Crook
Gordon MaudlingMan of the matchScott McAvoy

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