Love Rugby League LogoWest Wales Raiders RL 24 Love Rugby League LogoCoventry Bears 22

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 156

Referee: Andy Sweet

Line Ups
West Wales Raiders RL Coventry Bears
TRY Christiaan Roets49 min0
GOAL Paul Emanuelli69 min0
TRY Christiaan Roets1018 min0
GOAL Paul Emanuelli1218 min0
TRY Errol Carter1642 min0
GOAL Paul Emanuelli1842 min0
1849 min2GOAL Brad Delaney
1849 min6TRY Kieran Sherratt
SIN BIN Jordan Syme 1852 min6
1853 min10TRY Mikey Russell
1853 min12GOAL Brad Delaney
1866 min14GOAL Brad Delaney
1866 min18TRY Jack Morrison
1872 min22TRY Matt Reid
TRY Barrie Phillips2278 min22
GOAL Paul Emanuelli2478 min22
Christiaan RoetsMan of the matchMatt Reid

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