Love Rugby League LogoGloucestershire All Golds 74 Love Rugby League LogoHemel Stags 18

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1 Shield

Venue: Stephen Bannister

Attendance: 101

Line Ups
Gloucestershire All Golds Hemel Stags
TRY Jack Uren 46 min0
GOAL Kieran Hyde66 min0
TRY Brendon Newton109 min0
TRY Joe McClean1411 min0
TRY Brendon Newton1820 min0
GOAL Kieran Hyde2020 min0
2025 min2GOAL Ben Stead
2025 min6TRY Ben Stead
GOAL Kieran Hyde2231 min6
TRY Brendon Newton2631 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde2834 min6
TRY James Rowland 3234 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde3436 min6
TRY Kadeem Williams 3836 min6
TRY James Rowland 4238 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde4438 min6
TRY Phil Cowburn4840 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde5040 min6
TRY Josh Allison5443 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde5643 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde5846 min6
TRY Emmerson Whittel6246 min6
GOAL Kieran Hyde6452 min6
TRY Phil Cowburn6852 min6
6857 min8GOAL Ben Stead
6857 min12TRY Reece Williams
GOAL Kieran Hyde7064 min12
TRY Brendon Newton7464 min12
7467 min16TRY Mitch Vincent
7467 min18GOAL Ben Stead
Brendon NewtonMan of the matchBen Stead

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