Love Rugby League LogoBarrow Raiders 76 Love Rugby League LogoOxford 12

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1


Attendance: 857

Line Ups
Barrow Raiders Oxford
TRY Oliver Wilkes44 min0
GOAL Chris Hankinson64 min0
TRY Jamie Dallimore1018 min0
GOAL Chris Hankinson1218 min0
1223 min2GOAL Nathan Kitson
1223 min6TRY Jordan Gill
TRY Andy Litherland1625 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson1825 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson2030 min6
TRY Danny Morrow2430 min6
TRY Chris Hankinson2834 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson3034 min6
TRY Andy Litherland3440 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson3640 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson3841 min6
TRY Anthony Bate4242 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson4445 min6
TRY Danny Morrow4845 min6
TRY Daniel Toal5248 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson5448 min6
TRY Andy Litherland5852 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson6052 min6
TRY Chris Hankinson6459 min6
6460 min6SIN BIN James Cryer
GOAL Chris Hankinson6666 min6
TRY Chris Fleming7066 min6
GOAL Chris Hankinson7270 min6
TRY Andy Litherland7670 min6
7675 min8GOAL Danny Allan
7675 min12TRY Jordan Gill
7679 min12SIN BIN Adam Withington
Andy LitherlandMan of the matchDanny Allan

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