Love Rugby League LogoBarrow Raiders 50 Love Rugby League LogoYork City Knights 12

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1


Attendance: 977

Referee: Tom Grant

Line Ups
Barrow Raiders York City Knights
TRY Joe Bullock49 min0
GOAL Chris Hankinson69 min0
TRY Jamie Dallimore1015 min0
GOAL Chris Hankinson1215 min0
1220 min4TRY Adam Dent
1223 min8TRY James Morland
TRY Andy Litherland1632 min8
GOAL Chris Hankinson1842 min8
TRY Danny Morrow2242 min8
TRY Cameron Pitman2650 min8
SIN BIN Danny Morrow2655 min8
2658 min12TRY Kris Brining
GOAL Chris Hankinson2862 min12
TRY Shane Toal3265 min12
GOAL Chris Hankinson3470 min12
GOAL Chris Hankinson3672 min12
TRY Daniel Toal4074 min12
TRY Cameron Pitman4476 min12
GOAL Chris Hankinson4676 min12
TRY Chris Hankinson5079 min12
Jamie DallimoreMan of the matchJon Presley

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