Love Rugby League LogoGloucestershire All Golds 16 Love Rugby League LogoNorth Wales Crusaders 58

Match status: Full Time

Competition: League 1

Attendance: 122

Line Ups
Gloucestershire All Golds North Wales Crusaders
08 min4TRY Dan Birkett
08 min6GOAL Dan Birkett
GOAL Matt Bradley213 min6
TRY Maxime Claustres613 min6
615 min10TRY Craig White
615 min12GOAL Dan Birkett
SIN BIN Maxime Claustres624 min12
625 min16TRY Stuart Reardon
627 min18GOAL Dan Birkett
Lee Kelly off
Kevin Dickens on
627 min18
Lee Hudson off
Owain Griffiths on
Simon Stephens off
Jono Smith on
Steve Parry off
Pat Smith on
635 min18
TRY Tyla Hepi1035 min18
1041 min22TRY Jono Smith
TRY Yannick Parker1446 min22
GOAL Matt Bradley1646 min22
1650 min26TRY Jono Smith
1650 min28GOAL Dan Birkett
1654 min32TRY Gary Middlehurst
1655 min34GOAL Dan Birkett
1661 min38TRY Owain Griffiths
1661 min40GOAL Dan Birkett
1666 min44TRY Rob Massam
1666 min46GOAL Dan Birkett
1674 min48GOAL Dan Birkett
1674 min52TRY Jono Smith
1676 min56TRY Rob Massam
1676 min58GOAL Dan Birkett
Matt BradleyMan of the matchJono Smith

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