Love Rugby League LogoDoncaster RLFC 36 Love Rugby League LogoDewsbury Rams 10

Match status: Full Time

Competition: Championship

Attendance: 955

Line Ups
Doncaster RLFC Dewsbury Rams
TRY Jason Lee49 min0
GOAL Jonny Woodcock69 min0
GOAL Jonny Woodcock814 min0
818 min2GOAL Jamie Benn
824 min4GOAL Jamie Benn
GOAL Jonny Woodcock1034 min4
GOAL Jonny Woodcock1240 min4
TRY Marvin Golden1640 min4
GOAL Jonny Woodcock1844 min4
TRY Peter Green2244 min4
TRY Jonny Woodcock2648 min4
GOAL Jonny Woodcock2848 min4
TRY Jamie Fielden3256 min4
GOAL Jonny Woodcock3456 min4
3461 min4SIN BIN Jim Leatham
3461 min6GOAL Jamie Benn
3461 min10TRY Jimmy Elston
SIN BIN St John Ellis3461 min10
GOAL Jonny Woodcock3661 min10
Peter EdwardsMan of the matchChris Redfearn

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