Love Rugby League LogoNewcastle Thunder 6 Love Rugby League LogoFeatherstone Rovers 56

Match status: Full Time

Competition: Northern Rail Cup

Attendance: 374

Line Ups
Newcastle Thunder Featherstone Rovers
012 min4TRY Richard Newlove
016 min8TRY Gavin Swinson
016 min10GOAL Jamie Rooney
019 min14TRY Gavin Swinson
019 min16GOAL Jamie Rooney
027 min18GOAL Jamie Rooney
027 min22TRY Nathan Graham
035 min26TRY Matt Bramald
035 min28GOAL Jamie Rooney
039 min32TRY Jamie Rooney
039 min34GOAL Jamie Rooney
GOAL Neil Thorman242 min34
TRY Ben Mayers 642 min34
655 min36GOAL Jamie Rooney
655 min40TRY Richard Newlove
664 min44TRY Neil Lowe
664 min46GOAL Jamie Rooney
676 min50TRY Stuart Dickens
678 min52GOAL Jamie Rooney
678 min56TRY Gavin Swinson
Steve RutherfordMan of the matchRichard Chapman

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