Worrincy handed longer ban

Halifax player Rob Worrincy has had his suspension for breaches of betting rules extended by the RFL.

This follows an attempt to appeal to the original judgement, which has proved to be unsuccessful. His ban will now last for nine months.

The six-month suspension was given to Worrincy in March, when the player admitted placing a series of bets on games, including ones he had played in.

The games, which included matches in which he played, took place between May 2012 and September 2013.

The Gambling Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit presented new evidence to the appeals trubunal, which included details of the device from which the bets were placed.

There were 15 bets placed on games in total, 12 of which Worrincy played in. He was also found to have betted against his own team on several occasions.

Despite evidence to the contrary from the Gambling Commision, Worrincy denied placing most of the bets, including those laid against his own club.

According to RFL Operational Rules D1:10(c):

“Players shall not be involved in any manner or capacity whatsoever, whether for his own account or on behalf of any other person, in any betting in respect of any Rugby League match or competition.”

Players are also bound by Operational Rule E5 in the Code of Conduct, which prevents: “The placing, accepting, laying or otherwise entering into any wager, bet or other form of financial speculation with any individual, company, organisation or other body in relation to the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any match, competition or event.”

Worrincy’s conduct was also deemed to be in breach of Operational Rule E5., which “forbids players from using in relation to betting any information they have by virtue of their position within the sport that is not in the public domain or readily accessible by the public.”

The suspension applies with immediate effect and runs until December 24, 2014.

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