World Nines tournament under consideration

The idea of a new World Nines competition is being discussed by the Rugby League International Federation.

The NRL Auckland Nines, started in 2014, features teams from every NRL club and has grown to be a popular part of the annual rugby league calender.

RFL boss Nigel Wood has confirmed that talks are underway by the sport’s powerbrokers to start a world event of the nine-man format.

“It is being looked at as being a vehicle that would be a potential opportunity for the sport,” Wood said.

“David Collier was looking at and I know there is an appetite to explore it further. So that is definitely a work in progress.”

Rugby league Nines featured in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as an exhibition sport. In Scotland it was an Under-19s tournament involved eight different countries.

There has been talk previously that Nines could feature as an Under-23s exhibition sport at the next Commonwealth Games, which will be held on the Gold Coast in 2018.

Wood said there has been dialogue with the organisers of the Commonwealth Games about 2018.

“There are discussions going on with the Commonwealth Games organisers and committee about whether or not rugby league can be there presently in some capacity, whteher it be an exhibition game or something else,” he said.

“The same way we had rugby league played in Glasgow in 2014. I would expect it to be the same as that.”

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