Wood urges fans to be part of Rugby League history

Rugby League World Cup 2013 Tournament Director Nigel Wood is confident that the closing stages of the tourament will further the success of the first 25 matches.

Over 280,000 fans have already packed into grounds across four countries, and the last three matches look likely to provide huge crowds.

63,000 tickets have already been sold for ‘The Big Hit’ semi-final double header at Wembley this weekend and all that remains for Final at Old Trafford are the last few hundred hospitality tickets starting at £40 each.

Wood has urged fans to take the opportunity to see the four best teams at RLCW2013 go head to head:

“As we go into the final stages of this tournament the really important message to fans is that you can still be part of history.

“You can still be at The Big Hit semi-final event. With 63,000 tickets already sold we know the atmosphere will be electric but some £20 tickets are still available.

“The Rugby League World Cup Final will be the best-attended international Rugby League match ever, as well as the best-attended ever at Old Trafford.

“This has been an incredible tournament, full of moments that existing and new Rugby League fans are bound to cherish. I’d encourage anyone who has not yet been to a game to take the last chance to be part of this amazing tournament.”

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