Wood: Solomona case a turning point

RFL boss Nigel Wood says the situation involving Castleford winger Denny Solomona is a concern for more than just rugby league.

Solomona wants to leave Castleford to join rugby union club Sale, despite being contracted to the Tigers, and has attempted to retire from Super League to force the move.

It is understood Castleford have legal action pending against the Kiwi flyer.

“It’s a concern for than the game,” Wood said.

“At the end of the day there has to be some form of process when your contracted with people and they have to be respected.

“it’s bigger than just a rugby league/rugby union, it’s a law of the land issue.

“It could have profound potential implications for all sport really.

“It can’t be healthy for anybody if people can walk away from contracts.”

The RFL have been in contact with both the RFU and Premiership Rugby to express their concerns over the case.

Wood said the conduct of Solomona, along with Chris Sandow and James Segeyaro, is all being looked at by the RFL, while the NRL has also given its support.

“The NRL were supportive of the principal that contracts are contracts,” he said.










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