Wolves let fans down, according to Chris Hill

Warrington prop Chris Hill has acknowledged that his team’s performance against Leeds last week was not fit for the club’s fans.

But he has vowed that the Wire have learned from the 49-10 thrashing at Headingley, and that that sort of display will not be repeated.

“We know that we let ourselves down,” he said.

“We let the fans who travelled the week before down too.

“But we know that game’s dead, we’ve put it to bed, and we’ve learned. We move on this week because we know we can do a lot better than that.”

Hill admitted that the Wolves just could not cope with the intensity that Leeds brought to the game right from the kick-off.

“It was really disappointing, we just didn’t turn up from minute one,” he said.

“We didn’t control the game like we wanted to, and with their back five at the minute being on fire, you can’t defend and play like that against Leeds.

“In the first 15 or 20 minutes, I thought we started well, and it was a bit nip and tuck.

“Both teams were in the game, and I think a few decisions by ourselves and the way we went about the game, we let them creep back in it too much, and they got a roll on.

“They’re a formidable side when they get a roll on.

“You can’t slip up against teams like that. You’ve got to be on your game from minute one.

“Leeds were able to put their foot on the gas from minute one to minute 80.”

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