Wolves Book Play-Off Spot

Richie Barnett and Chris Bridge were the try-scorers as the Wolves took a 14-2 lead into the half time interval.

Gareth Raynor and Motu Tony both scored to give the visitors some hope further scores from Ben Westwood and Lee Briers wrapped up the game for Warrington.

Wolves boss Paul Cullen reserved special praise for Stuart Reardon, whose defensive efforts were crucial in earning the win for the home side.

Cullen said: "It was a breathtaking display from Stuart Reardon. He was man of the match by a mile. He is an outstanding athlete who returns the ball as good as any full-back in the country.”

"Our overall display was a great improvement. It has been a tough week to rebuild the confidence on the back of the good hiding we got at Headingley. The players ran their legs to water, it was a great effort" he continued.

Hull boss Peter Sharp admitted that, having already secured second place, his side may have shown some complacency.

"I'm sure they were a bit comfortable but Warrington played very well, the best I've seen them play in a long while.

"We had six or seven chances in the second half to score and didn't take any of them. That's the story of the game, but hopefully we'll learn some lessons."



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