Wolfpack want NRL stars

Toronto CEO Eric Perez says the Wolfpack will be aiming to sign some star players from the NRL in 2018.

Toronto enter League 1 next year with the goal of automatic promotion. They have already signed former Parramatta forward FuiFui MoiMoi, who has spent the past two years with Leigh.

Perez told NRL.com that his club will be targeting big name Australian players in two years to help push them into Super League.

“It is our goal to get promoted first time around and make a big investment in year two and then get some more well-known Australian superstars to come over at the backend of our  second season,” Perez said.

“Hopefully we can get those sort of guys out here and that will push us over the top and get us into Super League in two successive years.

“That is obviously a huge task.”

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