Wolfpack stay on trend with CBC deal

The Toronto Wolfpack have continued their tendency of staying on trend.

In an era where people are cutting their cable lines in order to subscribe to convenient streaming services like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire, the Wolfpack have decided to sign a new online broadcast partnership with CBC Sports.

“We are pleased to provide coverage of the Toronto Wolfpack’s 2017 season to Canadians through our digital platforms,” said Greg Stremlaw, executive director, CBC Sports, and general manager, Olympics.

“This is a thrilling sport and we are looking forward to sharing the game with new and existing audiences across the country.”

CBC is Canada’s public broadcaster – it’s a staple in the lives of many Canadians. CBC’s most iconic connection to sports is being home to Canada’s favorite sports broadcast – Hockey Night in Canada.

Every Saturday night millions of Canadians perch themselves in front of their TVs among family and friends getting ready to watch their favorite ice hockey stars face-off.

This past summer CBC provided wall-to-wall steaming of the Rio Olympic Games. Even though there was more content available, Canadians responded by watching the Olympics in record numbers.

A Canadian audience is very open and accepting of online streaming. With this new deal the Wolfpack are tying themselves to an iconic Canadian broadcaster as well as making a smart logistical move.

With the Wolfpack’s monumental deal perhaps rugby league can become a weekly staple in the lives of many Canadian families.

This is not only a special moment for the Wolfpack, but the fresh eyes of many Canadians will see rugby league for the first time and hopefully the sport will gain the exposure it deserves.

With this accessible broadcast partnership, the Wolfpack and CBC have provided rugby league with a solid base.


  1. Wolfpack continue their innovative progress off the field.
    The boys are ripping it up on the field with their win in the cup at London Broncos their most impressive performance to date.
    I am sure the Canadian public are going to love watching them.
    I just think their CEO Eric Perez is a breath of fresh air to the game.

  2. Yes , fantastic. But what help is it to UK clubs when playing a team which brings zero supporters through the turnstiles. A league that has with Toronto, London, Toulouse , Catalans in it would see all teams go bust! The game is dying in its heartland(FACT…declining attendances, less sponsorship)) & yet we are promoting on other continents. Bizarre.

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