Winger Walker slams Titans

Gold Coast winger Chris Walker has hit out at the Titans, saying the club’s offer to him shows a lack of respect.

“If they got to $150,000 I’d sign but the Titans don’t respect me enough as a football player to pay me that,” Walker says in Rugby League Week magazine (Australia).

“There are no hard feelings against the club at all but if they can’t show me respect then we will have to part ways.

“I usually sign contracts at the end of October so I am in no rush but I think they have given up on it. The players want me but the administration doesn’t.”

Chief executive Michael Searle responded to the broadside by saying: “The offer is off the table. He’s had a 100,000 pound offer from Bradford and he should take it.

“I don’t think our place could have done any more for Chris Walker. We are not an ATM with an unlimited supply of cash.”

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