Wilkin hails Hull’s stars after Cup hammering

St Helens captain Jon Wilkin has admitted that his team were awful today, as they lost 47-18 at home to Hull FC to exit the Challenge Cup.

But the Saints main man had warm words for Hull pivots Marc Sneyd and, in particular, Danny Houghton.

“I thought we were terrible from the start today,” Wilkin told BBC Sport.

“Without being cynical about our performance, we talked a great game throughout the week and we just didn’t deliver, for whatever reason.

“We need to have a look at that.

“Hull played fantastically well, I don’t know who got man of the match, but Danny Houghton out of nine was exceptional.

Marc Sneyd‘s kicking game was good, but Danny Houghton destroyed us around the ruck.

“He ran every opportunity he had, tired us out in the middle of the field, and credit to Hull, they played really well.”

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