Wilkin believes St Helens are stronger

St Helens veteran Jon Wilkin believes that the team are stronger this season, and are feeling confident ahead of the 2017 Super League season.

He does think that Saints need to be more consistent in their performance levels this season than they were in 2016, however.

“If you look at what other people think of us, they would say we were inconsistent,” Wilkin told his club’s offiicial website.

“We could blow a team away one week and then lose by 30 the next. We need to be more consistent and not have such a range in our performances.

“There’s no doubt the squad is stronger than this time last year, but we know that injuries, confidence and momentum will play a part. I am looking forward to us translating our confidence into the new season.

“We have recruited experienced players and will get consistency as a result. That will come through the spine of the team. Under a consistent performance regime we will get better – and that goes for the younger players too.

“We have made some shrewd signings and Tommy Lee for instance has been exceptional in pre-season. We are stronger in the middle of the field too and I am excited to see how we go.

“The signings are also good communicators and that helps bring things together on the field. When I came through here the skilful players, the world class players – the likes of Sean Long, Scully, KC and Paul Wellens were the best talkers too.

“It is an underrated and not obvious facet to have but it is important and it will make a big difference for us.

“The ability to communicate and organise is priceless and we are in a better position than this time last year.”

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