Wigan opt for team of captains

Wigan coach Michael Maguire has announced plans to pilot an innovative ‘Leadership Team’ for the coming Super League season.

Instead of the traditional captain role, occupied in recent seasons by loose forward Sean O’Loughlin, a number of the club’s senor players will now rotate the captaincy at the DW Stadium.

Throughout the 2010 season, the team captain will be decided on a match-by-match basis, and head coach Maguire was delighted at the enthusiasm his players have shown towards the idea.

“One of the aspects which has excited me since my arrival here has been the influence of the senior players and the formation of a Leadership Team,” said Maguire, the former Melbourne assistant.

“The players have reacted extremely well when working in a team, therefore it made sense to create a Leadership Team who can continue our togetherness,” he added.

Despite stepping down from his role as individual club captain, 27-year-old O’Loughlin is one name to feature in the leadership team.

Sean O’Loughlin and I have discussed this idea and he has impressed me with his receptiveness to the concept,” Maguire continued.

“Sean has shown a real growth in himself as a person and will be a significant member of our Leadership Team. However, the aim is to share the responsibility of leading the side. As a group, we all feel this is a more effective way of upholding the values and standards of the Wigan Club without overstretching any one individual.

“The Leadership Team is already in place but needs time to bed down in operation before its finalisation and announcement which will be before the first match of the Super League Season.

“Other teams in other sports have adopted this shared responsibility in the past and it has worked fantastically well. We aim to be at the forefront of such forward-thinking initiatives here at Wigan and, as a Squad; we have embraced the idea wholeheartedly.”

The exact members of the leadership team will be announced in due course.

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