Wigan forward Willie Isa handed four-match ban

Wigan coach Adrian Lam said the club will consider appealing after Willie Isa and John Bateman were both handed bans by the Rugby Football League.

Forward Isa has been given a four-game suspension for separate incidents – he was also sin-binned – in Friday night’s highly-charged 26-2 Super League defeat to rivals St Helens.

Fellow second row Bateman has been given a one-match penalty notice after he was handed two yellow cards at the DW Stadium.

St Helens forward James Bentley, also sent to the sin-bin after clashing with Batemen, will also serve a one-game ban.

Lam said: “It’s not ideal that we’ve got two players in this position this week. These little indiscretions keep popping up and it’s not good enough.

“I’m trying to promote the fact that we need to be disciplined. We need to keep our heads and coolness.

“There was a lot of emotion last weekend and that has to be taken into consideration when making these decisions.

“We’ll have a look at that in depth and see if there’s a case for us to challenge.”

Wigan pair Isa and Bateman are set to miss Wednesday’s home Super League clash against another arch-rival, Leeds Rhinos, with the former unlikely to feature again before the final Super League game of the season.

Isa was given a one-match penalty notice for using his shoulder on Jack Welsby against St Helens and a three-match ban for striking with his forearm in a high tackle on Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, for which he was sin-binned.

Bateman’s one-game ban is for “foul and abusive language” after he was sin-binned for a second time in the defeat to St Helens.

Lam indicated the club would take a closer look into Bateman’s ban, but admitted he was more disappointed in the fact that it was for dissent.

“Yes, absolutely,” Lam said. “But we’ll have to have a look at that. The decision, I think we’re going to fight, but we need to take in a little more detail before we make a decision.

“I’ve had a few players suspended over the season, which has been unfortunate for us considering the injuries we’ve had on top. It’s an area we’re working hard on.”


  1. Little indiscretions mr lam you’re coaching a bunch of thugs turning fans away from the game and by the way I’m not a Saints fan but Bentley ought to have signed for you as he’s as bad boring boring Wigan is the chant

  2. Once again we are hit harder than anybody else Bateman gets kicked in the head yet he receives 1 match ban same as Bentley saints pkayers halos must be killing them after the game little angels

    • I’m not a saints fan , but come on face facts Bateman was sent from the field twice , clearly nor learning his lesson from the 1st incident , isa lucky enough to receive 4 matches , did you see the gouge on percival ….Rose glasses I think , Bentley has a well deserved ban , he should have had a ban from his display from his 1st game back , we are trying to encourage our kids to grow with rugby league not deter them . This is rugby not boxing or UFC .

    • And then there is poor Willie Isa. Forearms to players in the face with ball no where in sight. The two smallest players on the pitch. Nothing but a cheap shop merchant.

  3. What a joke you hit a defenceless young flair player way after the ball as gone to the head,that was worth 5 games alone. Who is making these decisions at the rfl review panel Charles bronson. Are we seriously going to look after flair players like jack Welsby or let allegedly tough (cowardly) players like Isa take cheap shots at them and not get a suitable penalty again the rfl miss the opportunity to set some suitable standards. Not look after it’s flair players. If jack Welsby had been concussed by the cheap shot to the head I presume he would of got a much heavier ban for his cheap shot , so we will have to wait for him to do it again and maybe really damage some poor player before he gets a suitable ban . Unbelievable again

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