Wigan fans and Catalans greats to play in Perpignan touch tournament

Catalans Dragons have organised a festival type touch rugby league event to mark their tenth season in Super League.

A decade ago, Wigan were the first team to visit Perpignan for a Super League game.

As a result, the Dragons are marking their May 23 game against the Warriors with a touch rugby event in the Place de la Catalogne in Perpignan city centre.

A mini-stadium complete with six tons of synthetic turf, as well as a bar and VIP area, will host the tournament, in which some former Dragons greats, as well as a team of Wigan fans, will compete.

The Dragons legends, who include David Ferriol, Seb Raguin, Cyrille Gossard and Aurelien Cologni, will take on a team selected from the best French players from the domestic Fives Touch Championship.

The main tournament kicks off at 10am local time on the morning of the Warriors fixture, with the Wigan fans involved at this stage.

At 12.30pm an international Fives Touch game will take place between a French selection and an English national side. An hour later, the legends step onto the pitch, with touch players like Laurent Salies and Farid Sid tangling with Ferriol and co.

If you want to be a part of the tournament, the registration is free and easy. You just have to send an e-mail to infos@catalansdragons.com with the composition of your team (name, age).

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