Wigan criticised for “naughty tactics” in Wakefield loss

Wigan have received criticism from Wakefield coach Chris Chester and star forward David Fifita following Triniy’s win on Friday night.

Wakefield won 30-20 despite losing four men to injury, including Anthony England early on, as well as Reece Lyne, Kyle Wood and captain Jacob Miller.

Chester said: “It was a crazy game and a lot of naughty stuff went on tonight which I think should have been penalised.

“Reece Lyne’s knee could have been avoided and there were a couple of other challenges where the players attacked the knee. The sooner we eradicate that from the game the better. That was just ridiculous.

“I’m just a bit deflated because of the fact we’ve lost so many key players tonight. With a couple of them I don’t think it’s going to be short term either.”

Man of the match Fifita took to social media over the weekend with video evidence of a “cheap shot” he received during the match.

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