Widnes wary of Salford

Widnes coach Denis Betts is expected a tough game against Salford on Friday night.

The Vikings host the Red Devils at the Select Security Stadium on Friday night.

Salford come into the game off the back of a heavy defeat to Warrington and losing their appeal against the six-point deduction, condemning them to the Middle 8s.

“The whole points deduction matter and stress and strain they’ve gone through over the last couple of months because of it, they’ve probably been pushed away,” Betts said.

“But coming into this week a little bit more relieved they know where they are, they Kow whats happening.

“There’s no hoping or praying that everything is going to be OK. They’ve been in this situation before of working in the Qualifiers and they’ll know what to expect and how to go about it.

“They’re a decent group of players, if you look at their coaching team and look at the squad and you see a good bunch of people who work hard for each other.

“They’re going to be tough, they’ve got some quality in their side and that lack of anxiety now so to speak of everything being put in its place might give them a bit of a boost this week.”

Betts said he wants his team to go on a winning streak.

“What we’re looking for is when we’re at home we want to get on a bit of a run we want to win our games,” he said.

“It’ll be very hard for us to fall out of the eight now, we’ve got nine games left but we’re not looking at it as a two-game league.

“We want to win as many of those nine games as possible and build ourselves and put ourselves in a position where we know we’re a strong Super League side.”


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