Widnes to turn to youth

Widnes coach Denis Betts says he will call on a number of the club’s younger players as he manages the Vikings’ injury toll.

Widnes, who went down to Catalans on Saturday, host Hull FC tomorrow.

Betts said the likes of Jordan Johnstone and Jay Chapelhow will feature in the weeks ahead.

“We’ve got some good young kids, Jordan Johnstone will come back into the mix,” he said.

“The tough thing is that Ed Chamberlain, who probably would have been the lad that would have got the next opportunity to play as an outside back, has been injured for the last 5-6 weeks.

“He’s just started running and saying that he’s fit to go, but it’s a big ask to put him into the mix so yeah we just have to run with what we’ve got really.

“We’ve got a couple of young kids that might get the chance to fill those holes in the next couple of weeks.

“Jay Chapelhow will get a chance to run off the bench instead of being 18th man, he’s been really patient and waiting for the opportunity to come when we’ve been pretty solid.
Betts believes Widnes smashing of Hull FC at home earlier in the year will count for little tonight.

“It’s hard to say they’re thinking about righting those wrongs, there the best team in the competition,” he admitted.

“I think they’ve righted those wrongs a long time ago. It’s not about what we’ve done to them it’s about what they’ve done for themselves since they came here.

“Everybody points to this game because nobody expected us to score as many points and I didn’t expect us to score that many points, it was just one of them that came together for us and they were a really good side.

“They’ve got great personnel and a great roster.”

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