Five Things: Why Rugby Fans Love Sports Betting

The game of rugby league and sports betting are as different as night and day. Actual rugby league is a full-contact sport with tons of action, while sports betting requires little action, especially when done as easily as clicking a few computer buttons to place a wager. Night and day.

Rugby league fans and sports bettors have quite a few things in common, however.  Let’s break down the top five.

Many Ways to Win

Of course, rugby league teams have many ways to score and win a game. Players can complete a try by taking the taking the ball over the opposing team’s goal line. After a try, they can kick a try at goal with a conversion, kick a field goal, or kick via a penalty. The other team can try to prevent those points with various moves. All of this is basic information to even the most casual rugby player or fan.

Sports bettors also have many ways to win money. The best betting apps offer numerous odds on various bets, such as handicap match, winning margin, 40-minute result, correct score, double result, team scoring first wins game, team to win both halves, team to be trailing at any point, anytime try scorer, first/last try scorer, and multiple other bets on try scorers. One of the fan-favorite bets is the salami, which is the total number of points scored across all games on a particular day.

From betting on everything from shirt numbers to the next permanent coach of a team, wagers can be made on virtually every aspect of rugby league. That keeps players in the action and tracking multiple components of each game to sweat their bets.


Long History

Rugby’s history can be traced back to the 1800s in England. And as long as any sport has been played, there have been people betting on the games. Players compete on the field, and interested fans are able to compete off the field by betting and having a vested interest in the games and their results.

Competitors Love Risk

Rugby league players put on their uniforms and risk life and limb because of the excitement of the game, the love of the challenge, and the glory of victory. They risk injury and pain for the chance of winning a game or a season. For those who have the physical ability, strength, stamina, and skill to get on the field and participate, the risk is a welcome part of the game.

There is a different kind of risk in sports betting. There may be no physical danger, but bettors typically wager enough money to make the losses hurt a little and the winnings feel that much better. Most wagers do not risk life-changing money, but money does matter to most people in society. Betting is a way to become invested in the game and possibly walk away with a personal victory in the correctness of the bet and the extra money in the wallet.

Involvement of Skill

Obviously, rugby league players have skill. They wouldn’t be on their respective teams without some study of the game, practice, experience, and ability to play well. Sports bettors, especially those who do it with any regularity, also bring some skill to the table. Studying players, teams, rules, and history can lead bettors to place educated wagers with a better chance of winning. Good sports bettors often make a reasonable – sometimes even substantial – living from betting on rugby league and other sports throughout the year. It requires dedication and constant study, but most successful ventures do.

Involvement of Luck

There is luck involved in every aspect of life. Rugby league action is no different, as players take risks and depend on a fair amount of luck throughout a game. If one player moves toward the goal, a mix of skill and luck go into a successful try. Luck plays a role in injuries, weather conditions, and everything including one player’s decision to veer left when another veers right. The element of chance makes every game unpredictable.

Betting always involves luck. No matter how much a person studies the statistics, those same conditions that face player – weather, physical status on a given day, player decisions, etc. – influence the eventual score. Using the best betting apps is one way to secure a safe bet, but luck will mix with skill to determine a win or loss.

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