Whitehead fears for Super League

Elliot Whitehead expects more and more English players to head to the NRL in the years to come.

With the difference in salary caps between the NRL and Super League set to continue to grow, Whitehead fears for the future of the English competition.

The Canberra forward said several Super League players had spoken to him about moving down under.

“It’s a big difference in wages for players,” he told foxsports.com.au.

“Financially wise, your career only goes for 10-15 years tops, if you’re lucky.

“You need to make your money as well as enjoy your sport.

“I know they don’t get the sponsorships over there like the NRL does because of Premier League football and stuff.

“I think a lot more [players] want to come over and play in this competition. I don’t want to slag Super League off, but the NRL is the best competition in the world.

“Week in, week out you’re up against tough opponents so I think there will be a lot of players want to come out and test themselves.

“There’s a lot of players who I reckon could come out and do the job as well, people like Kallum Watkins at Leeds, (Castleford’s) Luke Gale and (Wigan’s) John Bateman.”

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