Whitehaven apologise for Todd’s drug ban

Whitehaven chairman Tommy Todd has issued an apology to supporters after the club’s forward John Todd was banned for four years for a drugs transgression.

The player recently failed an out-of-competition test in November 2015, testing positive for nandrolone, a steroid.

The 23-year-old had recently joined the club from amateur side Ellenborough Rangers.

“The club is very sad to have to announce that John Todd has received a four year ban due to him taking performance enhancing substance,” the chairman’s statement on Whitehaven’s official website reads.

“We are dissapointed that he saw fit to do so but would stress that it did not take place during the short period he trained with the club.

“I hope young players take note of how taking these substances has a huge impact on their lives and families and friends.”

Todd also criticised the RFL’s handling of the situation.

“The club has refrained from commenting on rumour about this situation until we had something in the way of confirmation from the RFL,” he added.

“I am somewhat annoyed that after consistently asking the RFL for a definitive ‘statement’ that they chose to release it on their website without informing the club first.

“I was on the phone as recently as yesterday asking questions but with no reply.

“Once again social media takes precedent over what I would see as ‘proper channels’ and for that I can only apologise to the fans.”

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