What You Should Know Before an Online Rugby Bet

Although rugby league is only a national sport in Papua New Guinea, did you know that rugby union is considered a national sport in Wales, New Zealand, Tonga, Georgia, Fiji, Samoa, and Madagascar? Moreover, rugby is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and the areas where it is most popular are Australia, England, Japan, and the US. There is a good reason behind this – to put it simply, rugby is fun. There is no denying that. 

Rugby enthusiasts and fans simply love a good show – whether they are watching a game with friends, family, at home, or in clubs. Since the sport’s popularity is on another level, there is no doubting that this sport is also one of the most bet on sports out there. If you want to learn a bit more about betting on rugby, here are a couple of things you should start with. 

Step 1: Learning and Understanding Rugby Rules

If you ever watched a rugby game, you know that there are tons of rules. So, if you don’t know or don’t understand those rules, it will be pretty hard to understand what you are supposed to bet on. In essence, there are two different “types” – Rugby League and Rugby Union. To be precise, these are two different leagues. Naturally, these two have pretty similar rules, but there are also some slight differences. In order to bet on rugby properly, you will have to learn all the rules for both codes. 

Step 2: Find a Bookmaker

To start playing and betting on college rugby, you will need to find an online betting site where rugby betting is offered. Many online operators offer dozens of different sports markets, and most of them offer college rugby as well. However, it won’t hurt to check the betting market list before you decide to register and deposit funds. You can also check whether the sportsbook offer casino games, deposit bonus and other additional features. This can be a great pass-time activity if you enjoy games while waiting for the results. Make sure to check the odds, and always compare them to odds from a few other websites. 

Another thing you should pay attention to apart from the college rugby market when you visit site is the features they offer. For example, payment methods the operator accepts, required offers, best bonuses including 50 no deposit free spins and risk-free wagers, live streaming, and more. These features will help you have a much better wagering experience and enjoy the process even more. 

Step 3: Learn Different Types of Rugby Bets

Online betting is pretty diverse, and you will probably find tons of wagering options on any 3 minimum deposit casino. In case you ever had a chance to place a bet, you probably know that there is a range of bet types you can select. Another thing that you should know is that every sport, including rugby, has its own set of common types. Some of the most common rugby wagering types are:


  • Handicaps
  • Total 2-Way 
  • Match Result with Draw
  • Total 3-Way
  • Totals
  • Race to (Points)
  • Winning Margin
  • Double Result
  • Team to Score First
  • Team Scoring First Wins Game


Each of these bet types is different, so you will have to study them carefully in order to understand the betting rules and what you can get. For example, when choosing handicaps, bookies are trying to even out the market and make betting more fun. So in case you choose a total 2-way, you will be betting on the number of points scored in a game. This is also referred to as Over/Under, and the wagerers will have to choose whether to bet over or under a bookmaker’s line. 


With wager types such as match result with draw, the punter can predict whether a team will lose, win or if the result will be a tie. On the other hand, a total 3-way type means that you will place a wager on the number of points in the game with respect to the three lines set by the sportbook. To place a wager on the number of points, you can also choose the total. Besides, if you would like to bet on which team will reach a certain number of points, you can select a race to point type. 


Punters can also guess by what number of points one team will beat another – and this type is called the winning margin. If you add the double result to your betting slip, you will be betting on the halftime and game result. In addition, you can opt for smaller and more entertaining bets such as a team to score first or even a team scoring first wins the game. 


Betting on rugby gives you plenty of options, and discovering new ways to place wagers will definitely be fun. These three main steps will help you start your rugby wagering journey easily, but what will help you master the skill is definitely the act of betting itself.

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