What effects will League 1 cancellation have on players and fans?

We are indeed living in turbulent times. Thanks to the global health crisis, countless sports officials have taken dramatic steps in order to ensure the health of players and fans alike.

This is why it should not come as any great surprise that the RFL has decided to cancel all League 1 competitions throughout the remainder of 2020.

While there is no doubt that this decision did not come lightly, it is also likely to represent the most prudent means to ensure that the 2021 season does not encounter any issues. Still, we need to keep in mind that such news is likely to be a severe blow for players and fans alike. What effects might such a move have in the near future?

Players will be required to adapt

The fact of the matter is that rugby players train throughout the year in one form or another. However, we have also witnessed a fair amount of restrictions in place during the past few months. The good news is that many of these hindrances are beginning to be lifted. This signifies that players might once again be able to hone their skills even if the games themselves have been cancelled.

This could also be great news for those who are hoping to polish up their talents before the 2021 season. To put it simply, we are likely to witness an even more formidable rugby lineup once the games finally resume. Although this serves as little comfort at the moment, players must remember that patience is paramount in this day and age. Professionals already appreciate such an observation and they are likely to make the most out of this brief hiatus.

Options for loyal fans

Die-hard league fans will likely be looking for ways to pass the time between now and the time when League 1 competitions resume. Much like the players themselves, there are numerous options to consider. For example, some will choose to participate in online fantasy rugby leagues in order to get a better grasp around the mechanics of the sport. Others will follow the latest rugby news to remain one step ahead of the game.

Of course, it is always possible to participate in activities that are not related to rugby whatsoever. From enjoying a few rounds of online slots to exploring a new hobby, there is no time better than the present to embrace a bit of personal improvement or simply to have a bit of fun.

Much like every other international sport, rugby has taken a few hits in recent times due to the global situation. However, the show can and will go on. This is why it is ultimately important for everyone involved with this dynamic sport to keep their heads up and to realise that the world will continue to turn. We can thereafter look forward to an engaging 2021 season with plenty of surprises in store. Between now and then, adopting a watch-and-wait approach could very well represent the best strategy.


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