What does Super League’s newest club need to fit the bill?

Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone has discussed what the competition’s newest club needs to fill the vacant 12th spot.

Super League hopefuls have been shown the minimum criteria needed to fill the vacant 12th spot.

In addition to either playing in Super League or finishing in the top six of the Championship in 2018 or 2019, clubs must be able to boast an average attendance of at least 2,000 in that time and have a stadium capacity of 5,000.

In a document circulated to Championship clubs, Super League says the successful applicant will enhance the commercial value of the competition, be competitive on the field and sustainable off it for 2021 and beyond.

Elstone told Sky Sports: “The clubs I think made the right choice to go to 12 teams, so we immediately started a process on how we would select that.

“Fundamentally, we want something that is robust and rigorous that measures what a club might bring to Super League.

“It looks at whether a club is sustainable and well-managed, it looks at how it might compete on the field.

“We want a club that is professional, well-managed and comes with a real positive can do attitude to what we are trying to do with the game to drive it forward and, fundamentally, brings commercial value which is largely around fanbase.

“It is something that is going to get broadcast partners, sponsors and potential investors excited so it is a mix of all of that.”

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  1. Let’s face it there’s only one club meets requirements Leigh centurions but hats of to York there a credit to league if leigh don’t get in it should be York featherstone they need to get fans in order first the others are just pie in the sky teams

  2. yes Featherstone Rovers has a section of fans that are unruley and offensive at times but so do Leigh fans fall into this catagory so they are no angels .And for york i was witness to a few york fans escorted away from featherstone fans for trying to provoke them into fights.London won t pose many problems because they don t have enough fans.Bradford and widnes are in finacial difficultys so they are out but knowing rugby league i would not be surprised. But its got to be Featherstone Rovers end of argument

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