Wayne Bennett: I am what I am

England coach Wayne Bennett says he won’t be changing his style or approach to the media in the future.

Bennett has come under fire from numerous quarters for a series of lacklustre interviews. He also brushed the UK media when he was in the country earlier this year for a short visit.

In a press conference today, the Australian was asked how much of his role is to promote rugby league.

He said: “I started coaching in 1977 and they were bagging me then, and nothing’s changed in 2016. So it’s a lot of water under the bridge for me.

“I am what I am and I’m not going to compromise myself for what I feel or what state I’m in at that particular time. That’s okay.

“You go talk to the marketing department and they don’t want you to be goofing off and talking it up and your team’s getting beat every week, because they won’t sell a ticket.

“The end result of what we all do is how the team performs on the football field. I’m a football coach, that’s what I am.

“My job is to get the best out of those players and my job is to give you the best entertainment I possibly can.

“When that’s in place what you say away from the game is really immaterial. That’s been my philosophy all my coaching life.

“My players and my teams are my priority and always will be. I’m not interested in cheap talk and thinking I can promote the game with something I say.

“I know the teams that I coach – if they play well and everybody enjoys the way they play, then we won’t have a shortage of fans and people interested in what they’re doing.”





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