Watson disappointed with Wigan defeat

Salford coach Ian Watson said it was disappointng that the officials missed a knock on in the lead up to Wigan’s match-winning try.

Taulima Tautai appeared to lose control of the ball while playing it, with the score at 16-16, just before Dom Manfredi scored.

“I was really disapointed with how it ended, I think we should have had a share of the points,” Watson told reporters after the game.

“The fact that the officials miss a knock on prior to the play of the ball before they score is disappointing.

“But we gave them too much respect in the first half, and you can’t do that to teams of the calibre of Wigan.

“We knew at half-time that we hadn’t played well, but we were still in the game. We just didnt have enough to come through the other side.”

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