Watson content as Salford prove a point

Ian Watson thinks Salford’s 36-20 victory over Huddersfield on Sunday proved his team has what it takes to reach the Grand Final.

Half-backs Michael Dobson and Robert Lui were dominant for the Red Devils, with Dobson kicking two 40-20s in the second half which led to tries.

“It was a big one for us to win after three losses, especially after the results elsewhere this weekend fell for us,” said Watson.

“A true team bounces back from that kind of defeat at Saints.

“They are a really good group – I can’t say that enough – and they have got that mentality where they all dig in for each other and we saw that again today.

“We worked really hard for each other and our eagerness shone through. They want to work hard and they want to be successful.

“Our game management was really good and that’s important in the big games.

“There have been a few negatives from outside the club and some have been saying that we’d run our race. But we had to be confident in that what we had been doing all year was good enough and we keep taking that forward.

“I thought we played really well. It’s a big game against Leeds for us now next week.”

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