Watson confident ahead of Middle 8s

Salford coach Ian Watson is confident about his team’s chances in the Qualifiers despite their loss to Hull FC last night.

Salford were pipped at the end of the contest by the Black and Whites.

“It’s good to be in the close games against the best teams, we’re a competitive bunch and an honest bunch,” Watson said.

“We’ve got better as the season has gone on. We looked at the first game of the season, and boys have said we’re a different group.

We can smarter, and the players agree we need to be smarter. The defence is one thing we’ve been good at all season. We’ve worked hard.

“We need to look at what we’re good at and focus on that in the Middle 8s.

The Red Devils are set to finish 10th on the table and receive four home games in the Super 8s.

“I’m looking forwards to the Middle 8s, I think its going to be a really good competition,” Watson said.

“We need to not take our eye of the ball now and face it like its the top eight.

“The boys love playing here, and they love playing in front of the home crowd, especially on nights like tonight.”

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