Watmough, Matai attacked by thugs

Manly pair Anthony Watmough and Steve Matai are recovering from injuries sustained during an uprovoked attack at the weekend.

The two players were attacked whilst waiting for a taxi outside Matai’s house in the suburb of Beacon Hill, not far from Manly’s Brookvale home ground.

Watmough reportedly rushed to Matai’s aid after the New Zealand international was knocked unconscious.

Both players, who missed training yesterday, have been cleared of any blame by club bosses.

Manly Chief Executive Graham Lowe said the pair were subjected to a ‘savage’ attack by three men.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “They were both savagely attacked really and both received injuries to the head”.

“It could have been a lot worse than what it was. Fortunately they are okay now, or as okay as you can be after recovering from a concussion.

“They weren’t even out and about, they were just waiting for a cab outside Matai’s place and they were attacked. It’s a bit of a sad reflection on society when that sort of thing happens.”

A police spokesman said that the pair were apporached by three men at around 1.30am on Sunday before being attacked.

He said: “Both injured men were taken to Mona Vale Hospital. The Harbord man suffered a wound to his forehead and grazes to his arms and legs.”

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