Watch: Reaction to Super League’s 12th club decision

Leigh have been given the nod to become Super League’s 12th club for 2021 – and we’ve discussed the outcome in a short video.

Love Rugby League editor James Gordon and deputy editor Drew Darbyshire have discussed the Centurions’ chances in the top flight next season as well as the other bids from Toulouse, York, London, Featherstone and Bradford.

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  1. Poor choice …. particularly with the World Cup round the corner.
    As an Oz supporter of Toulouse, they were a no brainer and had the ability to recruit sustainably after the decision which would wipe out any on field advantage.
    Leigh have not been performing at Toulouse level on and off field over the last couple years.
    Super League will be boring to follow from afar and should done better.
    If Covid an issue for Toulouse then how can they play in the Championship?

  2. Every generation of my family have played RL from professional to amateur, since the Northern Union. I have watched RL for a long time, and seen some changes. RL runs through my veins, it’s my passion in life, I am a Widnes supporter but Rugby League as a sport comes first.
    At this moment in time, I have never felt so disenfranchised and uninterested in the game, I am getting to the stage now that I am losing interest, now, if someone like me feels this way, how will new or potential new supporters of RL feel?
    The game shows no foreword thinking, no planning, no plan to spread this great game, we try , we put our toe in the water, withdraw howling, then we’re back to where we were.
    I had the fortune to visit Toronto to watch my team, NOW LISTEN!
    I have never been anywhere to watch RL in a better environment, it was a trip and experience of a lifetime, the potential of Toronto was frightening, my team would be one to lose out under their success, but if that meant spreading the game and growing it in these kind of places, and interest being shown from the likes of NY, so be it, the games bigger than my club.
    Toronto raised the bar, for others to follow, yes , they’ve had problems, but name a club that hasn’t.
    “Yeah but they don’t fetch any away support!” Well not many went there but they had no problem getting 10.000 interested, in a new game.
    SL clubs who didn’t get the chance to visit, boy have they missed out, you think Perpignan is a good trip?
    The effort spent, and millions promoting the game, and if being successful, for it to be abruptly stopped, and then threw out, I feel it’s the worse decision in RL history. It saddened me, not only the loss of Toronto, but in the way it happened under Elstone and the cowardly self serving chairman, having no stomach other than feathering their own nests, to take our great sport away from the M62. No foresight, narrow minded and negative.
    It has stripped our players of a chance to play in great places like Toronto, they were training kids everywhere, masters RL played, the seeds were set.
    So the cabal conspired and apart from 3 forward thinking clubs, booted them out, and booted out all hope of successful expansion.
    So then,
    they vote “independently” for their replacement, no disrespect to Leigh, but wow!! What a poor decision for the future if our sport.
    I think Elstone and co have mortally wounded my sport.
    No hope, no future, no change from the same 3/4 teams dominating and winning everything. There only so much of Wigan Saints, Saints Wigan matches folk can stomach, no matter how great the game.
    The sport has been kicked HARD in the BALLS!

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