1. If that video is suppose to get people excited about the start of super league , where in big trouble, but if that video is meant to help you sleep well done it definitely works ( BORING )

  2. Dear God!
    I agree with Paul.
    Listen, I love rugby league, I’m a massive fan also of the Brownlee brothers. However, as amazing as the fitness is of our great players, and there was probably some amazing things done here.
    This as a video to launch the new Super League?
    Our great game, THE GREATEST GAME!
    I don’t think so.
    Last year folk were up in arms at a very passionate fat bloke from St Helens, eulogising our great game.
    Which I thought was FANTASTIC !
    Johnny Vegas video wins hands down for me.
    This stop start , effort lost my attention almost straight away, and, I was warned by Paul’s comments beforehand, so I tried a little harder.
    Sorry, if that’s the best we can come up with, DEAR ME!!
    The kick n clap lot won’t be quaking in their boots, maybe on their backs laughing their heads off.
    No offence at all meant for the great lads involved.
    I may sound very harsh, but a spades a spade.
    It’s rubbish!

  3. I love Super League, I love the Brownlees. That launch was boring, too scripted, the rugby lads looks uninterested, it was dull as dish water.

    Remember the League Of The Extroadinary from a couple of years back or any of Big Erols efforts for trucks or Yorkshire.

    Who ever made this drivel should be ashamed for making our great sport look …… Rubbish!

  4. Dreadful.

    Needed to be 1/3 – 1/2 as long showing the RL players as the athletes they are, moving fast, ie on the first run, same on the final shuttles, a bit of sweat on their brows on the bikes and from all angles on the box jump, leave the press up / sit out of it. It needed exciting music.

  5. What/who on Earth is this video supposed to inspire? I don’t get how this is supposed to engage spectators, new and old, to the game of RL. Pointless!

  6. The last second drop goal, the last minute try, the crowd willing the player over the line the look on kids faces, the boo at the video refs decision, the applause from both sets of supporters when any player from any team gets up from what looks like a major injury, it’s not rocket science to show what our sport is about. Fast, Family, Fun, Friends united supporting the game.
    Think again.

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