1. I would be interested to know more about the actual visa issues they were having. It appears to me from social media of players and significant others that the majority ( I mean minus 2 or 3 ) reside in the UK permanently with their families, does this mean they have a different visa or are citizens etc? . It will be interesting to see if they leave the country after the 6 month period you mentioned to live somewhere else – some how I do not think they will. Also like what was mentioned about the timing… a fair few Toronto players appear to have gone on holiday either before the announcement of very soon after, so how long have they known about this is order to plan, as I am sure they would normally not go on holiday two weeks before a season was due to start and also if they would Cayuse further visa issues either this season or next ( unless these issues don’t exist) . It all just leaves a bad taste.

    • The visas allow the players to spend six months in the UK on a sporting work visa. They can go in and out of the country however many times, but the time accumulates as and when they are in the country. Because they’d all basically been in the country all year, then their six months were up (obviously if some had gone on holiday for a couple of weeks recently that may well have extended their visa).

  2. If the so called rugby league family can’t help a club like Toronto during a gobal pandemic, they should hang their heads in shame

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