Washbrook wants Wigan favour for Hull

Hull FC forward Danny Washbrook is hoping that Wigan beat Warrington this week, to give his side a better chance of claiming the League Leaders Shield.

The Warriors beat Hull last week, and, with Warrington now three points clear at the top of the table, the Wolves could claim the Shield if they beat Wigan on Friday.

Washbrook hopes that that doesn’t happen, and that the way opens up once more for Hull to finish top, and claim a home semi final in the play-offs.

But first, Hull must try and win at Wakefield on Thursday evening, which is currently the main focus for Washbrook.

“Obviously we missed a chance last week,” he said, according to Rugby-league.com.

“It would have been a good opportunity in a week’s time when we play Warrington to play off for the top spot.

“If they get the win this week it puts them top for definite, so we’re hoping for a favour from Wigan, but we’re just going to prepare ourselves for Wakefield and then Warrington next week and hopefully for a home semi-final the week after.

“There is still a lot to play for and hopefully we’ll be right up there in the last couple of weeks.”

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