Warrington v Wigan – the best game this season

I don’t know about you but I am still buzzing from last Monday’s Super League clash between Warrington and Wigan – that has to be the best game we have witnessed this season.

For me it had everything. Good tries, big hearts, sensational defence and a bit of controversy thrown in as well and I am once again probably going to upset people now but the Grand Final and Challenge Cup Final will only be deemed a success in 2013 if these two are contesting it.

We have seen them battle each other twice already this season with the first game ending in a draw and the second only being won in the last five minutes. Wigan did go to the Halliwell Jones with a slight injury crisis, while the Wolves were virtually full strength but that doesn’t hide the fact this was a cracker.

Yes, if Sean O’Loughlin, Michael McIlorum and Blake Green had been playing the result might have been different – but they weren’t and the Warriors gave their all. Just imagine both Warrington and Wigan with no injury problems whatsoever bringing the season to a close at Old Trafford.

For me that would be an ideal way to see out 2013 – and I know a lot will disagree and say I am disrespectful to the other clubs.

We have some great teams in Super League starting with the champions Leeds Rhinos but I think their luck has run out this year and they won’t be featuring at Old Trafford and I also think (as he grabs his tin hat) that Huddersfield Giants will run out steam.

Please don’t get me wrong I think they have had an amazing season and Paul Anderson is doing a fantastic job but I just think they will fade once again – not as bad as they did last year because they will still finish in the top four.

St Helens, for me, are a team to watch out when then the real stuff starts. They are a bit like Leeds in the respect that they have the knack to turn it on when it matters and I can see a good play-off campaign from them – but it won’t be enough.

The Grand Final will be between Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors and I cannot believe that these two have not featured against each other in a final since 1995 in the Regal Trophy Final. That is a crying shame. We have all witnessed the two cracking matches this season and on Monday the atmosphere was electric.

Just try and picture the noise and colour at Old Trafford or Wembley in the Challenge Cup Final in August when these two walk out side by side. They could be two finals we will be talking about for years to come and at this moment in time it would be impossible to pick a winner.

I may end up being wrong and Wigan and Warrington could end up choking again, but at the moment I have a feeling that these two are the real deal – Watch this space.

Super League has its faults but a final between these two great clubs could put our competition back on the map and stop all the talk of the NRL being all superior. The only thing at the moment I am jealous about in terms of the NRL is the sponsorship and TV deals and the fact you can watch every game online – It would be great if Super League had a deal like this at Livestreamingsport.com where you can watch all the games live and send our game to a wider audience.

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