Wane: We could and should have won

Wigan boss Shaun Wane believes the Warriors were the better team despite losing 22-19 at St Helens on Friday.

Wane’s side led 19-18 late in the game, but Mark Percival’s try condemned them to a heartbreaking defeat.

“It’s a tough one – I’m very proud of our effort,” said Wane. “I thought we had the majority of the game and we had some tough calls in the second half.

“We had to do some defending on our line and we did it with vigour and showed some toughness.

“I’ve got half the salary cap in the gym, but I thought we were the better team if I’m honest and we could and should have won.

“I’m really pleased, St Helens know they’ve been in a game. No matter what team we put out I don’t want to lose to St Helens.

“Looking at the bigger picture, we have to be happy. Losing it the way we did with a few kicks, our last plays weren’t great and that’s what cost us in the end.

“Players like Jack Wells going toe-to-toe with the likes of Zeb Taia. It’s great experience for some of our younger players.”


  1. The best game of rugby this season by far the fair result would of been a draw it was so sad that it had to be settled by a disison on what I have seen all season as a penelty he never had the ball in is hands before he made contact with the full back which is a penalty or should of been let’s hope we don’t see.one tonight get over turned

    • Percival was in the act of a fair challenge for the ball. He got the ball and scored. Saints fans will say it was brilliant, Wigan fans may have a different viewpoint. The rule is for the safety of players, not for technical proficiency. It should only be reviewed as dangerous and illegal contact not as for a matter of technique. Funny how the one camera angle that would have ruled it out was only seen once after the try was given! As far as I’m concerned the ruling was correct.

  2. The letter of the law says that you can not make contact with an opponent if you have not got the ball in hand witch he didn’t have so it should of been No try

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