Wane: We believe

Wigan coach Shaun Wane says his team has inner belief driving them towards a grand final victory after what has been a “tough” year.

Wigan were knocked out of the Challenge Cup at the semi-final stage by eventual winners Hull FC and missed out on the League Leader’s Shield, after finishing second in the Super 8s.

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The Warriors have had a large injury count to contend with all season, a campaign that has included a 62-0 loss to Wakefield and a long suspension to John Bateman.

But they have made it to their fourth Super League grand final in a row, and will meet Warrington at Old Trafford tomorrow.

Wane admits it has been a difficult year.

“It has… but we’ve spoken privately about having that inner belief and it doesn’t matter what people are saying,” he told Love Rugby League.

“It’s just the majority of Wigan fans understand the position we’re in and they’re behind us and it would be great to get that victory in front of them on Saturday.”

“This year we’ve had our best start to the season. That’s our best start for years and years but still it’s not good enough. It’s pretty hard to win in this job.”

Wigan have come under criticism this season but Wane said he takes no notice.

“No I don’t, I genuinely don’t,” he said.

“I’m not on any social media, the one thing I’m protective of is my own kids and my players.

“And if anyone’s got a problem with what we do I want them to direct it to me and that’s my job as their coach to make sure their concentrating on playing and that’s what they’ve done.

“They’ve buckled down and now you’ve seen the best of them and hopefully we can get the win.

“It would be a good lift for all the Wigan fans that have stuck with us all year.”

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